Thursday, July 10, 2008

State Rep Karen Yarbrough Has Turned Her Back On Us...Again!!!

The Insider has learned that State Representative Karen A. Yarbrough, D-7th, has turned her back on her constituents again. Legislators, including the governor, recently gave themselves 3.8% pay raises while people here at home suffer from high gas prices, foreclosures and poorly funded schools. The pay raises passed by a vote of 94-8-6. Six people decided not to vote. Yarbrough was one of them. She was there, but she decided to abstain which is a frequent practice of the State Representiative. What are we paying her for? When will she stand up for her community? She won't fight for us, but she took a stand on these issues:

1. She supported Charles Flowers for Regional Superintendent of Schools; and shortly after taking office, he loaded the staff with his unqualified friends and family. Flowers has overspent the budget so much he had to beg the county board for more money.

2. She helped her husband get a county job with the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

3. She helped her self to free office space at the expense of Broadview taxpayers.

What has Yarbrough done for our community other than help herself and her cronies? Is it time to support a new candidate for state representative?


I'm Just wondering said...

Now I have a question for you Mr. Insider, My Friend Commissioner Tony Periaca (R-State of Delusion) generally complains whenever most public offficals waste a paper clip or such, but never utters a peep about Rep. Yarbrough or Dr. Flowers, could it be that they are BFF's?


Yarbrough sucks said...

I really hate Yarbrough and her group of whinners! They love to scream about what others supposedly do wrong, but yet refuse to anwsers when they are caught with there hands in the cookie jar!
From Larry Shapiro living for free in subsidized housing in Bellwood and eating free leftovers from Mickey's hotdog stand, to Theresa Kelly flying on the taxpayers dime all over the country and hiring her children to county jobs, and Queen Charles Flowers who refuses to pay his taxes and refuses to give child support to his children and now hiring deadbeat friends and family members on inflated salaries, all I can say is Karen Yarbrough sucks!

Yarbrough's planatation said...

Why did Yarbrough abstain from voting?? She should have voted NO to pay raises for the Legislature! Instead she votes by abstaining,why the HELL does that mean?
When roads are broken,when crime is out of hand,when less people have money due to higher gas prices,why would she abstain from voting????
She's a crook and a liar and a thief!
Now she's supporting Charles Flowers,Kathy Ryan and Ed Smith! She got her do nothing lazy husband a job,first as Mayor of Maywood,then with a Cook County hiring freez she got her husband a job making $100,000! What a scam artist!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...what county job does Kelly's son or sons have?

Anonymous said...

I think the best chance to beat an ineffective incumbent,like Yarbrough is now,during her next race. The stars are aligned for massive changes during the next election.With the Governor's race being so contencious and Madigan having to be on the defensive and having to put all his troops to work with and for his daughter,Madigan won't be able to protect his lapdogs around the state ,such as Yarbrough!
Yarbrough's record is disasterous and embarassing! From the hiring of her husband at the county(when there was a county hiring freeze),from her husband's dismay failure as Mayor of Maywood, from her supporters(Rich Loez),who is going to trial for electioneering,to her support of Ed Smith and helping Flowers get elected and watching Flowers destroy the regional superintendent's of schools office, to Yarbrough's lack of bringing any postive changes to Proviso, she's beatable and needs to be beat to allow Proviso and Maywood to be able to make a postive future for there residents!
We must find a strong canididate to run against her now!

Anonymous said...

I agree, but the strong candidate is defintely not Welch!

Anonymous said...

Rep. Yarbrough's district runs from the west side of Chicago, through Oak Park and Forest Park. Having just been reelected it will be over a year until a challenger can be found for that legislative seat. During that time can't a consensus candidate that could appeal to all four communities be found?
Regarding Village President Yarbrough; a full slate has to be found to improve the Village. Is Maywood too old school to embrace candidates that aren't the usual suspects aligned with either Yarbrough or Gene Moore? How independent is Chris Welch from either of those factions? And, can he find like minded candidates for the trustee positions (3) up for reelection? Yes, maybe Lopez will be in jail by then, and others will figure out that Jaycox has been useless. What about Perkins? She got more votes than Henderson in the last election. Will she run for mayor? That will be dangerous, because she doesn't seem to understand the concept of a Village Manager form of government. And, who would her slatemates be?

Anonymous said...

A strong black woman can beat Yarbrough. If you look at Yarbrough's numbers and her lack of issues or depth or her lack of intelligence,she is very,very beatable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rep. Yarbrough's district may run through Oak Park and Forest Park, but her influence within those diverse communities is wanning.

Having just been reelected as the state leg. and elected as committeemen she has done little to mobilize voters around any substanative issues; of course, unless you think the ban on public smoking is substanative.

The consensus candidate to beat Yarbrough across Proviso is Oak Park River Forest School Board President, Jacques Conway - hands down.

Conway would be an asset for the
7th district. Yarbrough is an impedement not only to the 7th district by the Village of Maywood, Bellwood and Broadview.

Regarding the Maywood Village President; District 88 School Board Presdent, Grady Rivers, can easily sweep the votes from the incumbent Henderson Yarbrough.

Since 2006 Yarbrough has done too little too late to bring any real change or improvement to Maywood.

Regarding Perkins; the trustee does not run on a slate. And, yes, her ideas on the village manager form of government are, well, interesting.

Anonymous said...

Jacques Conway? Interesting suggestion, and a good man, who does the slating of candidates?
Grady Rivers? Another interesting suggestion, and a good man, same question.
The last three elections were won by slates. True, Perkins has not run on one but she did get the most votes in her last election. If elected President she would stand alone and would probably vote against any progressive actions, but would the trustees hold together?
Too bad about Henderson, there was promise there. Now after spending millions of TIF money, reducing the taxable collections, there's nothing to show for it. Unless you believe that over a hundred condos at 1st/Lake will be sold and save the Village. Of course, with the real estate market in the tank nationally, and condos specifically, what is the chance that either project will succeed? Who is giving the board and its president advice on development? Is it the manager?