Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch Sues Blogger Carl Nyberg and Wins Restraining Order!!!

Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch has sued blogger Carl Nyberg, publisher of the filthy, trashy weblog, for defamation of character. Nyberg seems to dedicate his blog to trashing the Proviso Board President, and he recently posted a story on his blog accusing the school board president of being involved in criminal wrong doing. Welch responded with a lawsuit and sought a restraining order in Cook County Circuit Court before Judge Martin Agran. At a hearing held on Wednesday, Judge Agran agreed that the post written by Nyberg appeared defamatory. Specifically, Judge Agran stated that 1) Welch has a protectable right to his reputation, 2) Welch will suffer irreparable injury to his reputation if the post is allowed to stand, 3) Welch demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits, and 4) that there is no adequate remedy at law. After making his findings, Judge Agran ordered Nyberg to take the defamatory statements off his blog by Midnight on Wednesday, July 16, 2008. The case against Nyberg will continue in court, and now Nyberg faces the possibility of a preliminary injunction, a trial, and awarding Welch money damages for the injuries that he has caused Welch.

Nyberg even admitted in open court that he uses his blog to diminish Welch's reputation in Proviso Township. However, shortly after 5pm, Nyberg had already taken the defamatory post down. His failure to do so could have resulted in Welch seeking contempt charges against him.

Prior to the hearing, Nyberg reportedly sent an email to Welch's attorneys indicating that he would take the post down if Welch paid him $25,000. Wow!

Nyberg is an active member of a political organization headed by State Representative Karen Yarbrough, Larry Shapiro, Charles Flowers, Theresa Kelly, and Della Patterson. They vocally oppose and defame Chris Welch, Eugene "Gene" Moore, Ronald Serpico, Grady Rivers and Anthony Calderone on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Sue Nyberg's ass! Obviously the slap on the hand the first time you sued but opted not to seek damages didn't teach Nyberg a lesson.

Ideally, I would like to see Nyberg, Yarbrough, Yarbrough, Woll, and Ervin on the first bus out of town by next election.

Go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

Hooray Hooray, Way to go Chris!!! Nyberg, Woll and Karen Yarbrough have used the Probe to defam anybody who was not in their camp. Karen Yarbrough is next in line to be sued. She has defammed Gene Moore, Welch, Lightford, Sharp and countless others. Those were terrible rumors that she made up and had no evidence whatsover, only to hurt somebody. The rest of her cronies repeat what she puts out, kinda like a gang initiation. She can not afford to point the finger, when you look her, the terrible condition that Maywood is in and Proviso township.

Ashamed Voter said...

This is tragic, I am a Forest Parker who voted for Carl for Commissioner last year,

I was impressed by his honesty and forerightness.

Unfortunately, now it seems that my trust was sadly misplaced.

It seems that Carl is no different than the rest of them.

He is a gun for hire, a blogger on the take.

He is no better than the Washington Times reporters who were on the take for Bush before and after the build up to the war.

This is shameful that Carl tried to shake down Mr. Welch, Dont' get me wrong, I havent' always been his biggest fan. But what's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong, and Carl, trying to shake down Mr. Welch is dead wrong.

You have become what you have preached against. Tragically, Carl, you are a hypocrite.

You have become a hypocrite, a mercanary, a carnival huckster so to say.

As I stated previously, his recent behavior is tragic, maybe Carl was better off when, he was not publishing so to say.

His attempt at extortion is no better then the old gangster days, when the Mobsters would extort protection money from honest businessmen in exchange for not burning their business's down

Carl, I'm ashamed of you, and i'm ashamed of myself that I allowed myself to be taken in by you.

It's time to hang it up...

Anonymous said...

Sue his ass is correct. Too bad his only asset is the back pack on his back. This is the problem with this slimeball. Carl has no assets to loose so he has no shame in what he does and writes.

Anonymous said...

Sue his ass is correct. Too bad his only asset is the back pack on his back. This is the problem with this slimeball. Carl has no assets to loose so he has no shame in what he does and writes.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Insider, Nyberg does have some assets.

FYI, he inherited a sum of money from a settle, which in part, he used to pay off his home in Forest Park. Thus, he uses his time to blog instead of work.

Sue his ass!!!