Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Proviso Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch and Board Majority Saves Jobs For Those In Most Need!!!

The Proviso Insider web log has learned that Proviso Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch and the board majority of Sue Henry, Dan Adams, Brian Cross, Robin Foreman and Robert "Bob" Cox, recently saved the jobs of numerous support staff members at Proviso Township High School District 209. The Board majority members, along with new Superintendent Nettie Collins-Hart, are reportedly dedicated to balancing the district's budget, but they did not want to do it on the backs of the Support Staff after hearing pleas from Support Staff Union President Ida Chester. At the board meeting on July 21, 2008, a list of at least 20 support staff members was presented to the board for termination, but after a lengthy closed session, Superintendent Collins-Hart withdrew the recommendation and saved jobs and families in this tough economy. The Board will reportedly look to find the revenue with cuts in other areas.

What do you think of this move by the Proviso board majority and the new superintendent? What do you think the Board can cut to help balance their budget?


Mrs. Goosby said...

Kudos to President Chris Welch and the Board Majority in saving people jobs and helping local families during these rough economic times.
I also was impressed by President Welch's goal in implementing a top notch security apparatus to screen visitors at our high school district and local grade schools(88 and 89) with the newest technology.The Visitor Identification Management System is a computerized system that allows schools to scan the driver's licenses of visitors and check their records against a government database for any criminal offenses and sex offender registration. It also has the capability to flag known people who should not have access to a child, such as a non-custodial parent. Based on the information gathered, visitors are denied or granted access with an ID badge that must be worn for the duration of their visit.

This type of technology will lead to safer schools and will also decrease the amount of security personel needed ,saving the schools money and most importantly,keeping our children safe!
Kudos to President Chris Welch!

Anonymous said...

I heard Charles Flowers and Willie Mack and Della Patterson say that no way will they allow Chris Welch place the Visitor Identification Managment System to come into Proviso Schools. They say its just politics and they will pull alll strings to stop it.