Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Carl Nyberg Fails To Honor Country!!!

Infamous web blogger, Carl Nyberg, publisher of the filthy, trashy weblog provisoprobe.blogspot.com, was recently seen at a Proviso High School District 209 Board meeting failing to honor our country. Sources who attended the board meeting on Monday, July 21, 2008 say that Nyberg refused to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. At least 50 people attended the meeting, and Nyberg was the only one in attendance who did not stand to honor his country. Nyberg, who is reportedly a Navy veteran, also claims to be an advocate of the U.S. Constitution and public participation. Yet, he refused to stand for the Pledge.

Nyberg, an active member of State Representative Karen Yarbrough's political organization, is also close friends with former Proviso Board member Charles Flowers and current Proviso board member Theresa Kelly. Flowers also refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance on numerous occasions when he was a board member.

What do you think of Carl Nyberg? Did he dishonor America? What's his problem? She voters pay attention to anyone who can't respect our Country's symbols?


Anonymous said...

That is really unfortunate, since Nyberg claims he was a graduate of the Naval Academy and served in the Navy. It shows that he is really not a leader if he can be easily led by Charles Flowers.

You jnow what grinds my gears said...

Typical. Nyberg is nothing but a muckraker trying to get attention. Are these mettings videotaped? i'd love to see him refusing to stand for the pledge. And he claims to have served in the Navy? He should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. In November 2007, Nyberg posted the following outrageous comment on his blog regarding the North Riverside VFW's Veterans Day observance:

"Military personnel who get a charge out of marching and saluting are at best dorks, and more likely tools. People who get jazzed by parading the colors and standing and saluting at the right times are not fun to hang out with."

I am always amazed at how the people who exercise their freedoms the most are the first to trash the men and women of the armed services who served -- and often died -- to preserve those very freedoms. Nyberg has the freedom to say absolutely anything he wants on his blog. He has that freedom because "military personnel" who "stand and salute at the right times" served and often paid the ultimate sacrifice. For him to slander the men and women who have made it possible for him to speak his mind freely is simply despicable. His refusal to recite the pledge merely underscores an immature and ungrateful mindset.

Anonymous said...

Simply stated Carl (no justice) Nyberg is and has been a failed and dishonorable member of society.

He failed in the Navy, has failed in responsible reporting (was let go from the Forest Park Review)has failed to properly gain facts in his terrible blog site.

Failed as a member of society, can hardly hold a job.

This gut is a failure, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone give this slimeball the right time of day. He is in the same class (low) as Bill Dwyer the reporter for the Wednesday Journal. I think they both went to nut job school.

Carl has never had a genuine thought. Conspiricy thoughts yes and plenty of them.

Me thinks that both Carl and Dwyer have past histories they are hiding. Both broke they law and have both done an excellant job of diverting attention.

Come clean Carl and Bill, come clean.

carlthetool said...

Carl was in the navy. I'm willing to bet that this disgruntled former military person (I'd say man but this clearly is not a man) received a less than honorable discharge. Proving me wrong would be easy. He's never come clean on this or his "expunged" criminal record. Credible? BWAHAHAHA