Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Karen A. Yarbrough Invites Proviso Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch To Speak at Her Organization...

Proviso Township Democratic Committeeman Karen A. Yarbrough has reportedly invited Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch and his board colleagues running for re-election to speak at her organization meeting on February 28, 2009. Rory Hoskins, a Forest Park Commissioner and the President of Yarbrough's political organization, reportedly phoned Welch on February 24, 2009 and extended the invitation on behalf of Yarbrough. Welch reportedly accepted the Committeeman's invitation and will appear to speak about his candidacy for re-election to the Proviso School Board and answer questions. Kudos to Yarbrough and Welch for this effort.

Proviso Math and Science Academy Receives Record Applicants and Accepts Record Class!!!

The Proviso Math and Science Academy received a record number of applicants for the 2009-2010 freshman class. According to Principal Ed Moyer, the school received of 550 applications, and on Monday, February 23, 2009, the school sent out a record 230 invitations to prospective freshmen. The Proviso Math and Science Academy will graduate it's first Senior class in May 2009, and 100% of those Seniors are going on to college and 100% have received scholarships. To date, PMSA students have received over $1 million dollars in scholarships. According to the Illinois State Board of Education, PMSA ranks 34th out of 50 Illinois High Schools in the Chicagoland area, and 40th out of 641 schools across the entire state. PMSA was the result of hard work by Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch, Board Vice President Daniel J. Adams, Board Secretary Reatha "Sue" Henry and subsequent board member Brian M. Cross to name a few who deserve credit. Kudos PMSA!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Truths About Theresa L. Kelly and Arbdella "Della" Patterson...

Proviso School Board member Theresa L. Kelly is running for Supervisor of the Township and she is supporting Arbdella "Della" Patterson for Proviso School Board. Here are some facts you should know about Kelly and Patterson:

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly is the longest serving member of the Proviso School Board, and she has routinely abused her position at taxpayer expense.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly has traveled to over 25 destinations at taxpayer expense costing taxpayers more than $25,000 for her excursions.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly never brought back a single report from any of her tax funded excursions.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly was in charge of the Proviso East Wall of Fame, and to date, she has refused to do an accounting of all the money received from the event in September 2004.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly voted against having the Proviso Math and Science Academy.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly has no college education.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly is having her campaign funded by Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, former Proviso Board Member Michael Manzo, and former Proviso Board Member Charles Flowers.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly had the famous cafeteria mural removed at Proviso East in 2002.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly was responsible for firing popular Proviso West Basketball Coach Mark Schneider and having him replaced with former Westinghouse Coach Chris Head who was fired after just one year.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson has no college education.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson is a former employee of Proviso High Schools, and she reported to work whenever she wanted to do so.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson was hired to counsel girls against teen pregnancy, but during her tenure, teen pregnancies were at an all time high at Proviso.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson never filed a single report regarding her work duties.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson went on over 25 excursions with Proviso Board member Theresa L. Kelly and never filed a single report. Patterson and Kelly used taxpayer money to take vacations.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson is receiving funds from Proviso's former lawyers who were unanimously fired by the Board in May 2007.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch Nominated To Be A Top 40 Under 40 Lawyer...

Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch has been nominated by his colleagues in the legal profession to be one of the Top 40 Illinois Lawyers under age 40. Welch, a lawyer for the past twelve years, and a partner in the prestigious law firm of Sanchez, Daniels and Hoffman, LLP, has an impressive legal profile.

Chris Welch graduated from Northwestern University in 1993 and received his law degree from The John Marshall Law School in 1997.

Chris has served on the Proviso Township High Schools District 209 Board of Education since November 7, 2001, and he has been President of the Board since April 2003.

He also serves as legal counsel for Bellwood School District 88 and Maywood School District 89.

He has also served as legal counsel in Posen-Robbins School District 143 and ½, Hoover-Schrum School District 157, Niles High School District 219 and Community High School District 218.

Chris is a member of the Illinois Council of School Attorneys, and he was the lead attorney in the case of Roxanne Brown v. Bellwood School District 88 (November 2005) in which the Illinois Appellate Court ruled that local school boards have the right to declare vacancies and fill those vacancies.

Chris has also performed legal work for the Villages of Bellwood, Hillside and Melrose Park, and he actively litigates section 1983 Civil Rights cases on behalf of the Town of Cicero.

Chris recently led the successful defense of a civil rights case involving 12 Town of Cicero police officers in which six of them were found completely not guilty.

Chris and his firm also do public finance/bond work for towns and municipalities, and Chris is a certified administrative hearing officer with experiencing serving as the hearing officer in code enforcement court.

He has received the Operation Uplift Hometown Dreamweaver Award (January 2005), the prestigious PLCCA Image Award (June 2006), and he has been recognized by the Village of Hillside (Jan. 2007) for his contributions to Human Rights issues.

After 10 years of practicing law, Chris was named a partner in the firm of Sanchez, Daniels & Hoffman, LLP in July 2007.

Free Bus Rides For Proviso West Students Started...

The Free Bus Ride Program for students at Proviso West High School began on February 18, 2009. The Bus Ride program began at Proviso East High School on January 20, 2009, and the school district has already seen tremendous impact. Since January 20th, average daily attendance has increased from 68% to 83%. Over 600 kids take advantage of the program at Proviso East and over 700 took advantage at Proviso West on February 18, 2009. Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch said, "This is one of our most successful initiatives in school history. It will save our parents and students money, increase attendance and test scores, and help keep of students safe." Prior to the Free Bus Ride program, students paid $4.50 per day to ride to and from school on PACE buses. Congrats Proviso School Board!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Township Supervisor Candidate Michael A. Corrigan Sells Out Rascals!!!

Proviso Township Supervisor candidate Michael A. Corrigan recently held a fundraiser at Rascal's in LaGrange Park, and the event was reportedly standing room only. Corrigan, the current Assessor of the Township, is looking to move up to Supervisor, and he reportedly has some powerful help to do it. In attendance at the event were Bellwood Mayor Frank A. Pasquale, Hillside Mayor Joseph Tamburino, LaGrange Park Mayor James Disipio, North Riverside Mayor Richard Scheck, Maywood Mayor Henderson Yarbrough, State Representative Karen A. Yarbrough, and numerous other elected officials across the Township. The election for Supervisor in on April 7, 2009.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Time To Dump Gary Woll & Company...

The current Maywood Village Board, that includes Mayor Henderson Yarbrough and Trustee Gary Woll, recently voted to settle a lawsuit for $490,000. The village of Maywood missed deadlines and caused delays in a failed grocery store redevelopment, resulting in the village paying a $490,000 lawsuit settlement to the developer, according to court documents.

Springbrook Market and the village executed a redevelopment agreement in December 2005 to bring a full-service grocery store to a vacant building at 5th Avenue and Washington Street. Instead of a grocery store, Maywood got a bill for $490,000. Thanks Gary Woll and Company!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Students First Party Candidates Off And Running For PTHS 209!!!

Emanuel "Chris" Welch, Reatha "Sue" Henry, Daniel J. Adams, and Brian M. Cross are off and running for Proviso High School District 209. Visit their website for more information at to learn about them and their accomplishments.

Meet The Education 1st Party Candidates for Bellwood SD88!!!

Visit this website to learn about some excellent school board candidates running for Bellwood School District 88:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Questions to Ask Arbdella "Della" Patterson When You See Her???

Arbdella "Della" Patterson is running for Proviso High School District 209. Here are some questions to ask her if you see her:

1. Why did you tell the Forest Park Review that you are a teacher when you are not?
2. What is your relationship with Proviso Board member Theresa Kelly?
3. How many trips did you take at taxpayer expense with Mrs. Kelly?
4. What was your relationship with former Superintendent Greg Jackson?
5. Where do you currently work?
6. How can you do your current job and be on the Proviso Board and be loyal to both?
7. Have you ever been convicted of a crime involving theft or dishonesty?
8. Why are you using lawyers that the Proviso Board unanimously fired two years ago when your current boss was one of the people who voted to fire them?
9. Why do you really want to be on the Proviso School board when two years ago you ran for something else?
10. Does your church even support you?

When you ask her these questions, pay close attention to the answers.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Proviso Board Candidate Arbdella "Della" Patterson Hires Burt Odelson as Lawyer!!!

Proviso School Board candidate Arbdella "Della" Patterson has hired Burt Odelson, of Odelson & Sterk, Ltd, to represent her in a case before the Proviso High School Electoral Board. The Proviso Electoral Board has been convened solely to hear legal objections filed against Ms. Patterson alleging that she has a legal conflict and cannot sit on the school board. Patterson's attorney is the School District's former general counsel who was ousted unanimously by the Board in May of 2007. Odelson has since filed a lawsuit against the Board President and the Board President has filed one against him.

Resident Allied With Mayor Yarbrough Tries To Throw Opponents Off Maywood Ballot!!!

According to the Proviso Herald, eleven objections to candidacies for village races in Maywood were filed by Feb. 3.

The objections ranged from challenges to signatures and addresses to claims that candidates were ineligible to run for office due to unpaid water bills, taxes or parking violations.

Objections were raised against all candidates except Henderson Yarbrough and candidates of his Maywood United Party.

The opposition slate is the Maywood Alliance Party, led by Grady Rivers Jr., board president of Elementary School District 89. Also running for mayor are two independents, former Mayor Ralph Conner and Demetrius Davis.

Ten of the 11 objections were filed by Ronald Rivers Sr., who is not related to the candidate Grady Rivers Jr, but is allied with current Mayor Henderson Yarbrough. One objection was filed by Rivers Jr. against Conner.

"I'm confident that everything is in order," Rivers Jr. said.

Davis also said he thinks his objection will be overruled.

"I think it's a horrible practice in Maywood that really needs to stop. It keeps good candidates out of the race because they can't all afford attorneys," Davis said.

A hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday at Maywood Council Chambers, 120 S. 5th Ave.

Maywood Village Board Approves Questionable Contract!!!

According to the Proviso Herald, Maywood's village manager and village attorney have urged board members to rescind a contract awarded to a company owned by a village firefighter and to instead award the contract to another company -- one owned by the firefighter's family.

Under state statute, municipal employees should not have a financial interest in any contract or work for the municipality.

Dave Lundy, public liaison officer for the Better Government Association, said awarding a contract to a family member of a village employee is legal. However, he said, "It's certainly unwise."

"Half of the problem in government ethics is the perception of government impropriety," Lundy said. "When you have a municipality awarding contracts to members of the family where previously they awarded it to the city worker, it looks like (the municipality) is trying to circumvent the rules."

The village is investigating a similar situation with another village vendor, according to a Jan. 9 memo from Village Manager Jason Ervin and Village Attorney Michael Jurusik. Ervin declined to provide details on the investigation.

In December, the village awarded a contract to Fredderick's Custom Upholstery to re-upholster chairs in the council chambers. The company is owned by firefighter Fred Saffold. Saffold said he made clear his position as a village firefighter when making a presentation about his company in December.

Ervin said at the Jan. 13 Village Board meeting the definition the village used for "municipal officer" did not include public safety officers.

When he found out his company could not do work for the village, Saffold said he recommended Gibson's Corner Custom Upholstery and was "definitely clear" with Ervin that Gibson's was owned by his grandparents.

The Jan. 9 memo from Ervin and Jurusik requested that the Village Board rescind the contract with Fredderick's and award a $33,000 contract to Gibson's.

Saffold was not present at the Jan. 13 meeting, and there was no discussion of Saffold's ties to Gibson's during that meeting.

Ervin said the ownership of Gibson's "was not relevant."

"The question is, Does (Gibson's) violate the statute? The answer is no," Ervin said.

Board members voted on Jan. 13 to rescind the contract with Fredderick's but took no action on the Gibson's proposal. Ervin said the project would be completed "in house" but did not have details on the cost or which department would complete the project.