Thursday, February 12, 2009

Questions to Ask Arbdella "Della" Patterson When You See Her???

Arbdella "Della" Patterson is running for Proviso High School District 209. Here are some questions to ask her if you see her:

1. Why did you tell the Forest Park Review that you are a teacher when you are not?
2. What is your relationship with Proviso Board member Theresa Kelly?
3. How many trips did you take at taxpayer expense with Mrs. Kelly?
4. What was your relationship with former Superintendent Greg Jackson?
5. Where do you currently work?
6. How can you do your current job and be on the Proviso Board and be loyal to both?
7. Have you ever been convicted of a crime involving theft or dishonesty?
8. Why are you using lawyers that the Proviso Board unanimously fired two years ago when your current boss was one of the people who voted to fire them?
9. Why do you really want to be on the Proviso School board when two years ago you ran for something else?
10. Does your church even support you?

When you ask her these questions, pay close attention to the answers.

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