Monday, February 09, 2009

Resident Allied With Mayor Yarbrough Tries To Throw Opponents Off Maywood Ballot!!!

According to the Proviso Herald, eleven objections to candidacies for village races in Maywood were filed by Feb. 3.

The objections ranged from challenges to signatures and addresses to claims that candidates were ineligible to run for office due to unpaid water bills, taxes or parking violations.

Objections were raised against all candidates except Henderson Yarbrough and candidates of his Maywood United Party.

The opposition slate is the Maywood Alliance Party, led by Grady Rivers Jr., board president of Elementary School District 89. Also running for mayor are two independents, former Mayor Ralph Conner and Demetrius Davis.

Ten of the 11 objections were filed by Ronald Rivers Sr., who is not related to the candidate Grady Rivers Jr, but is allied with current Mayor Henderson Yarbrough. One objection was filed by Rivers Jr. against Conner.

"I'm confident that everything is in order," Rivers Jr. said.

Davis also said he thinks his objection will be overruled.

"I think it's a horrible practice in Maywood that really needs to stop. It keeps good candidates out of the race because they can't all afford attorneys," Davis said.

A hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday at Maywood Council Chambers, 120 S. 5th Ave.


Anonymous said...

Henderson filed his papers in December since he was in an established party. the time to object to his petition papers was then. The others can't be kicked off the ballot for not paying their bills. They have to address it during the objections and then it won't be an issue.

Anonymous said...

What is even MORE hilarious is that Rivers accused one of the people who is running of not being a US citizen! Obviously a lot of folks in Maywood don't have any objection to letting the world know they are total fools. When Harold Washington ran for Mayor of Chicago in the 80's it was discovered that he wasn't paying his utility bills. Did that stop him from getting elected? No. Does it set a good example? No. And how does this Rivers guy get access to who is or isn't paying their water bill? If Maywood has allowed him access to residents' water bills, or has given him information about residents' water bills, this is a criminal matter. And Trustees (at least one long-sitting Trustee) have been known to go into the water department and ask whether "certain residents" are paying their taxes and water bills. Why not get THIS Trustee thrown off the ballot for invasion of privacy?

Anonymous said...

To, Anwsear you question. He got it from village cleks office, But however Mr. Ronald Rivers,Sr. Has outstanding water bills,and parking tickets not paid sence 2004 And 2005 2006. water bill is 4months behind. sounds like his water should be off. how ever he is not running for office.but you think that his house would be in order before he did what he did.Just sold his sole for nothing.Oh he may have gotten a six pack out of the deal.Yarbroughs are freaking CHEAP.

Anonymous said...

Hey Henderson, how's that ghost payroll job at Maybrook doing? Nobody ever see's you at work,instead your always in the village office.Must be good married to the unreformer state rep. karen yarbrough.

Anonymous said...

The Yarbrough's are such hypocrites, just like those republicans. Oh yeah, they are republicans masquerading as democrats.