Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Truths About Theresa L. Kelly and Arbdella "Della" Patterson...

Proviso School Board member Theresa L. Kelly is running for Supervisor of the Township and she is supporting Arbdella "Della" Patterson for Proviso School Board. Here are some facts you should know about Kelly and Patterson:

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly is the longest serving member of the Proviso School Board, and she has routinely abused her position at taxpayer expense.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly has traveled to over 25 destinations at taxpayer expense costing taxpayers more than $25,000 for her excursions.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly never brought back a single report from any of her tax funded excursions.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly was in charge of the Proviso East Wall of Fame, and to date, she has refused to do an accounting of all the money received from the event in September 2004.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly voted against having the Proviso Math and Science Academy.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly has no college education.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly is having her campaign funded by Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica, former Proviso Board Member Michael Manzo, and former Proviso Board Member Charles Flowers.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly had the famous cafeteria mural removed at Proviso East in 2002.

Fact: Theresa L. Kelly was responsible for firing popular Proviso West Basketball Coach Mark Schneider and having him replaced with former Westinghouse Coach Chris Head who was fired after just one year.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson has no college education.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson is a former employee of Proviso High Schools, and she reported to work whenever she wanted to do so.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson was hired to counsel girls against teen pregnancy, but during her tenure, teen pregnancies were at an all time high at Proviso.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson never filed a single report regarding her work duties.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson went on over 25 excursions with Proviso Board member Theresa L. Kelly and never filed a single report. Patterson and Kelly used taxpayer money to take vacations.

Fact: Arbdella "Della" Patterson is receiving funds from Proviso's former lawyers who were unanimously fired by the Board in May 2007.

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