Saturday, July 12, 2008

Executive Director Resigns From Proviso Township Mental Health!!!

The Insider has learned that the Executive Director of Proviso Township Mental Health, Lisa Denuzio-Devivo, has resigned effective August 1, 2008. Devivo's contract was not renewed back in May, and since that time, her future had been in doubt. Instead of waiting and wondering, sources say she has found a new job that starts August 4, 2008.

Do you know anything about this move at the Mental Health Board? Is it good or bad? Was Devivo effective in her role as Executive Director or not? Let us know.


Anonymous said...

About time they got rid of that blonde bimbo!Lisa DeVito's claim to fame was her good looks,but trying to look cute at 56 years old does'nt hold water anymore or keep your job!

handicap said...

The possible replacements for the position executive director of proviso Mental Health are,

1. Mike Manzo- perfect to lead organization with his experience in getting mental health clinics to pay rent at his abandoned building in Westchester to off set his monthly mortage payments.He also is bi-polar and psychotic and could benifit from free services to treat his mental health problems.
2. Donna Pelosi- she's an insider with Melrose Park's Mayor and has experience being fired from all her previous jobs.
3.Charles Flowers-looking to destroy Mental health services?, look no further,Flowers is avaliable to destroy services and to run over budget,just like he has done at the regional superintendent's office.
4.Kathy Ryan Jr.- needs a job,needs insurance to pay for her gastric bypass surgery and also has political alliances with Manzo,Cogliniese,Flowers and Kathy Ryan Sr.
5.Danny Cogliniese- needs new contracts and needs to feel important again. His allies,Kathy Ryan,Mike Manzo,Ben Mazzulla,Charles Flowers and Karen Yarbrough have had to deny knowing him to try to be relevent in proviso politics.Also needs jobs for family members.
6.Arturo Mota- needs a high paying job and needs to postion himself to run for Mayor of Melrose Park.

Anonymous said...

No wonder you have to be anonymous because you don't know what you are talking about. Lisa Devivo is a stand up person a beautiful person and a dedicated and hard worker. You should be a shamed of yourself writing this, maybe you should look in the mirror sometime.

Anonymous said...

honestly 56 what are you talking about? lisa is 45 years old and looks amazing for her age so just shut up. are you that self conscience that you need to pick on people anonomously. if your gonna talk like a big boy or big girl should leave your name, we'll see how tough you actually are. youre probably some 60 year old wrinkley old man who wants lisa and she turned you down. that's why your so upset. so next time I'd think before you say something stupid even though you are anonomous you still look like a total fool.

She'a 45 in one leg said...

To anon:1:09pm,you say lisa devito is 45!!!!! Ok,if she is 45y/o then she has led a really tough life! My gosh,by looking at her face,she has more wrinkles than Granma had in the Beverly Hillbillies!
If I were Lisa , I would immediately go to a plastic surgeon and get a tummy tuck,breast lift,a buttock lift and implant and a face lift with a visit to a dentist to fix her teeth!

Anonymous said...

honestly this is rediculous this is high school all over again . your just jealous. honestly lisa is beautiful and looks amazing for her age. every word you say is an opinion, and who the hell would care what you think. you act as if your the scum of the earth, constantly putting people down. you know what kind of people put others down insecure people. so all the faults you 'see' in lisa are faults you see in yourself. it's pathetic how you bash her over the Internet. that's why the Internet has ruined society because people hide behind it. I'd like you to say it to her face. your not even brave enough to put your name on here let alone act as a mature adult and say it to the persons face. whose the one actually doing something with her life and who's the one who's sitting at home on the computer blogging you might want to think about that one you immature insecure prick.

SIS said...

Does anyone have Lisa Devito's resume? I am wondering how she ever recieved her postion as excutive director of proviso township mental health deptartment.Does she have a 4 year college degree? Does she have a Master's or a Doctorate in a related field?What has been her acomplishments as director?What or who did she hire to do the real work for mental health?Was she aware of what was happening at Riveredge hospital,as reported today in the Chicago Tribune? What will the next director do about this issues and other issues to improve mental health services throughout proviso? Did she sign off on "Way Back Inn's" contract with Mike Manzo's building in Westchester,and if yes,why???

what is going on? said...

Was'nt Lisa Devito put in her position by the infamous Danny Coglienese and Mike Manzo? Was she and Kathy Ryan placed at the township by Danny Cogliniese and Mike Manzo? Why did Kathy Ryan try to protect her so much and tried to get a multi year contract for her prior to DeVito leaving???
Is Kathy Ryan playing both sides? Is Kathy Ryan still Danny's and Mike's girl???

Anonymous said...

Why are these Comments so sexist?
I have to ask?
Would a man be Judged so Harshly On His Looks Instead of His Ability?
I have Known Lisa Devivo
for 25 ,and in all the Years I have Known her she has been a role Model for both further education and an excellent Work ethic!
Instead of tearing People down, you should Maybe Look at the Good In your fellow Man or Woman ?
I wish Lisa Nothing But the Best in Her Very successful Future and Proviso Township will surely stuffer her absence.
Stop spreading Posion,you will only end up drinking it !
By the Way Lisa Looks Great we should all Look that Good with a Brain to Match!