Thursday, July 24, 2008

H. McNelty School Closing...

John Huston of the Proviso Herald recently reported that the H. McNelty School in Melrose Park is closing. Click this link to read more:,ma-mcnelty-072308-s1.article

The McNelty's did a lot for the Proviso community, and the school was their lasting legacy. How will this impact the community?

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Anonymous said...

The parents of those children complained that the pastor, Rev. Belsor did not have the decency to give them notice. They still can't get their refund from him either. He would not talk or meet with them, which is so typical of this insensitive pastor. Mrs. McNelty built this school and work with it to make it a success. The school could not pay the pastor a lavish salary and meet payroll for teachers too. It simply could not do both. He really disrespected Mrs. McNelty. He pressured her to sign all of the church and school legal papers over to him after Rev. McNelty died and then he bad mouthed her out of the church. He not once tried to make it right with the Mrs. McNelty. He is proud, haughty and mean and he does not care about his parishoners nor the parents. He should be ousted, because that church is not growing, it's losing ground and money. The old maywoodians who attended church are dying off and their offspring are not interested. Sad that he could not carry on the legacy, instead he used the McNeltys.