Thursday, February 21, 2008

Opposition Gearing Up In Stone Park, Hillside, Bellwood, Maywood, Melrose Park & Westchester!!!

The Insider has learned that opposition parties are currently forming in Stone Park, Hillside, Bellwood, Maywood, Melrose Park, and Westchester. Each party plans on running full slates against incumbents in April of 2009. Stone Park is reportedly in the midst of heavy financial problems. Hillside residents are fuming over the handling of the Hillside landfill. Bellwood residents are reportedly fed up with insider deals and cronyism. Maywood residents want to toss out the Yarbroughs and Ed Smith's west side influence. Former Stone Park Trustee Jesse Martinez is delusional and thinks he can oust Melrose Park Mayor Ronald Serpico. Cook County Commissioner Tony Peraica and Former SD209 Board member Mike Manzo plan on running a slate against Westchester Mayor Paul Gattuso. Proviso Township will be hot in 2009.

What do you think of the possiblities in April 2009?


seeking anwsers said...

My gosh 2009 will really be a big political brouhagh! Insider, who do you think can beat Ben Mazzulla and his gang? Does the oppostion have any enough will power to beat Mazzulla and his "muscle"?Will Mazzula be allowed to have illegal aliens continue to vote for him even though it's illegal?Will Jesse Martinez continue to endorse him or will Martinez ask the Hispanic voters in Stone Park to wake up and stop voting for Mazzulla and his continued employment of his entire family paid by Stone Park taxpayers? Also, what about Hillside,can somebody beat Tamborino? Who will run against Tamburino and Mazzulla?

Also who can beat Pasqaule and Herrell in Bellwood? Who can beat the Yarbrough's in Maywood? I also agree with your premise that Martinez is delusional if he thinks he can beat Serpico and still endorse Mazzulla!
Also can you talk about the school board elections and who will fight to beat the current incumbents.Also who will Manzo and Peraica support in Westchester and who will try to stop them there.
What about the township elections.Who will garner the support for Supervisor and who'll replace Martinez on the board? What about the Bellwood library race? Will Arnie Bryant run again for the library or township? If not why not?

Forest park Bob said...

First time writing on your blog so I'll make it quick. I live in Forest Park and don't know Proviso Poltics well, but who is the strongest Black canididate in Proviso,Grady Rivers or Arnie Bryant? Who does Gene Moore support? Who does Karen Yarbrough support?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's going to happen in Maywood? Is it just going to be a Moore-Yarbrough struggle for power, or will there be a real voice for change and progress in the Village? Is there a Barrak Obama for and in Maywood?

Anonymous said...

Peraica winning Westchester?????. Hmmmmm, Those idiots are delusional. Plus, There's a blog which I will NOT name that worships Tony Peraica with his PAID lemmings that post & condescend the poor saps with their trashy, simpleton rhetoric. THINKING that they're squeaky clean. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........Big joke!!!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

So I ran across this post that mentioned Mazzulla and his gang. First off, let me offer my sincere consolences for the loss of his brother.

I don't live in the proviso towhship, Im a city boy. But, I have met Mazzulla in my days in the entertainment business. When I saw this man, I realized that he was not a normal town leader. He was at a night club mingling with a bunch of mexicans drinking cocktails. He showed up to show his support for a Mexican band who had just lost one of it's members (K-Paz De La Sierra).

One of my mentors has always said "Perception is reality". The hispanic people feel that he cares enough about them and they continue to vote for him. You will never see Daley at an event supporting a band. This is what separates him from the rest when it comes to relating to the people he represents.

Me personally, I would like to have this type of relationship with our politicians. I currently have an alderman who won't talk to you even though he lives two doors down from me. I have to make an appointment to speak to one of HIS representatives therefore filtering my concerns and deciding if the alderman should hear them or not. We pay their bills, they should be available for us.