Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gene Moore Wins Re-Election! Crushes Ed Smith! Sends Message to Yarbrough!

The Insider is predicting that Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene "Gene" Moore has won re-election easily over west side Alderman Ed H. Smith. The win is a big one for Moore who crushes Smith and his Proviso Township nemesis Karen A. Yarbrough. This is the second straight election setback for Yarbrough who lost 13 out of 14 seats in local races in April 2007. Congratulations Gene Moore!!!


Anonymous said...

West Suburban Journal wrote Yarbrough's ticket out of town!!!

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to: Who are you running against. Ed Smith did not deserve to be promoted to the post. He has been a ward alderman for over 20 years and when you look at his ward, all you can say is DAMM! Streets are broken up, trash is everywhere, houses are boarded up or torn down. Gangbangers running about shooting people. No visible law enforcement that can even be held accountable. There is no development to stimulate the depressed area. That says a lot about Ed and that is, he is full of Shit. Yet those same 2,300 people keep voting the same ole shit right back in office. "They have not, because they ask not".

Got to love this said...

Yarbrough's political fate in the balance

By L. Nicole Trottie
February 7, 2008

I guess the ‘big dog’ Proviso Township Committeeman Karen Yarbrough is somewhere licking her political sparring wounds from the trouncing bestowed last week by Eugene Moore’s KO defeat against Ed Smith.

Smith, a fading alderman in the 28th Ward, was Yarbrough’s proxy
candidate in the race against the incumbent Moore for Recorder of

Smith is the fourth victim in a string of political suicides suffered by Yarbrough backed candidates. In April 2007 Yarbrough organized slates
across three school boards, District 88, 89 and 209, but her dream team of elected hopefuls never got off the bench - her record; 1 for 14.

Moore Dejavu for Yarbrough

Moore, backed by the Cook County Democratic Party, coasted to an
easy primary victory on Super Tuesday. Despite Smith’s endorsement by Chicago’s mayor Daley, and endorsements by 3 Chicago daily’s, Moore easily defeated him in the city vote by 64percent. Moore’s strong support in the suburbs by powerful committeeman, supporters and local
newspaper endorsements sealed the deal with nearly 70 percent of the

In a twist of irony, while reporting from Moore’s political camp election night, I met relatives of Yarbrough among his campaign workers. Imagine that – Bill and Chelsea workin’ the phone bank for Obama. That’s a damn hoot!

I think it’s safe to say, that in light of recent scandal and poor
performance, Yarbrough’s political days are numbered. At the end of
the day, Yarbrough will be answering to more than voters and residents concerning her clandestine rent free office arrangement in Broadview.

To say the least, the Proviso committeeman is vulnerable. And word is circulating around Proviso like church gossip as to who will take on Yarbrough in the next political showdown.

Smith’s days in the 28th Ward are numbered as well. Like Yarbrough,
he has too little to show, too late in the game. Daley’s failed attempt, by his insincere endorsement, to oust his political nemesis from City Council will most likely succeed by some other strategy in the next election round.

So, what’s in store for Ald. Smith?

I hear ole ‘8-track’ Ed traded in his campaign theme song This is a man’s world for a different more fitting tune; Ray Charles’ Busted.

As for Moore, well, what can I say, the Democratic machine lives.

''If they believe in you, I guess you can call it a machine,” Moore said, “but it's also the faith of the people.''

Anonymous said...

Nicole you is funny as hell! I didn't know you had it in you.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic machine is alive and well. There are too many rogue democratic committeeman and Yarbrough is one of them. If you are not going to work with the real democrats, then you should resign from the committeeman's spot. It should not be a personal kingdom that u use to carry out vindettas.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Gene!!! The real Democratic Committeeman had your back. Thanks for sending Ed back to the west side with his tail between his legs.

Anonymous said...

good article. "8 track Ed" that's funny as hell.