Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gene Moore Wins Big!!! Yarbrough In His Sights!!!

The Insider has learned that Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene "Gene" Moore won re-election last Tuesday by winning solidly in 28 townships across Cook County, including Proviso Township. According to sources, more won 60% of the vote in Proviso Township only losing 10 out of 100 plus precincts in Proviso. Has Moore been re-born in Proviso? Talk in the Moore camp is that he is eyeing his old Committeeman post again. Should Moore take out Karen Yarbrough once and for all?


Anonymous said...

Off course Gene Moore should go after Karen'The Hog" Yarbrough!
Yarbrough and her clan of liars and thieves(Davis,Smith,Henderson,Flowers,Shapiro and Wolls) should be thrown out for lying and pulling the wool over the taxpayers and voters of Proviso!
Moore should be able to win handily, because after Proviso Democrats changed committeemen, they realized their own mistake and now want to go back to real change, Moore is the Man!

Anonymous said...

What seems to be the problem is that the residents of Proviso Township and the Village of Maywood are only being given two choices; Yarbrough or Moore.

Isn't there anyone out there on a smaller stage that could be the candidate for change?

Anonymous said...

Saturday, February 09, 2008
will Cook County State's Attorney investigate Yarbrough and Vicenik?

Here's my take on the Yarbrough-Vicenik-Davis Broadview office issue. It seems clear that Karen Yarbrough violated the provision of Illinois law that prohibits using government resources for political activities. Broadview Mayor Henry Vicenik and U.S. Representative Danny K. Davis have pretty implausible claims of ignorance.

It also seems likely that Yarbrough/Davis staffer Larry Shapiro played a role in organizing the implementing the illegal scheme.

Question: will the Cook County State's Attorney (or Illinois Attorney General) enforce the law?

I'm also curious how Cook County Clerk David Orr reacts to Yarbrough and Vicenik invoking his name as blessing the illegal arrangement. Orr was asked if the division of the state representative office and the political office was sufficiently clear that it was OK to have both offices in the same building. Orr gave the OK to the division. But I am all but 100% certain Orr was kept in the dark on the one important detail: the whole building was owned by the Village of Broadview.

So when Yarbrough and Vicenik invoke Orr as saying the arrangement was OK they are trying to confuse. Orr said the division between politics and constituent service was sufficiently clear to have two separate leases assuming a private owner of the premises.

I hope Orr registers the appropriate amount of anger at Yarbrough and Vicenik and requests the Cook County State's Attorney investigate and prosecute if a violation of Illinois law has occurred.

It will be a good chance for Anita Alvarez, the Democratic nominee for Cook County State's Attorney and the third ranking person in the Devine administration, to show that the office can investigate and prosecute crimes by people with some local political clout.
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of having someone other than Moore or Yarbrough, Senator Lightford should try to be the next committeeman. She covers more territory than the state rep in her district. Another candidate needs to be sought for the State Representative ousting the incumbent Yarbrough.

Anonymous said...

She should have consulted competent counsel. The attorney general's office needs to get involved. It is time the table is turned on Karen. She has had her posse from the Attorney General's office to go after Gene Moore and Wanda Sharp for petty bullshit that never panned out. The one with Wanda Sharp was done so that she could take the State Representative seat from her. The indictment came against Wanda and she lost. After Karen won the election the bullshit indictment was dropped. It's about time she gets a taste of her bitter medicine. She is forever pointing the finger at somebody except herself. If she points the finger at herself she will see her dark in the closet secrets.

Yarbrough is still the champ! said...

Karen Yarbrough is unbeatable! She has endorsed Hillary Clinton and also Obama. She will once again support the taking over the schools with his puppet,Charles Flowers and will help defeat the Mayors in Bellwood,Broadview and Hillside and Melrose Park and Westchester. Yarbrough is the Queen!