Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hillside Ready For Target Store!!!

The Village of Hillside is clearing land on Mannheim Road and Harrison Street paving the way for a major new development. Sources tell the Insider that the Village and Target Corporation have reached agreement for a store at the location which is set to open by the Spring of 2009. Just in time for the April 2009 election. Also pegged for the site is a Staples store and a new Holiday Inn Express. Kudos to Hillside!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wait! There's a Target easily less than two miles away, so is this story real? Its hard to believe that Target's parent operation would put two stores so close together. Plus, isn't Mannheim and Harrison near the Hillside landfill? And, what about Bellwood's announcement that it is developing a two-box store project at 25th and the Ike?

This story seems premature.