Sunday, June 21, 2009

Proviso Township Newspapers Ignore Major Scandal at Regional Superintendent's Office!!!

Local newspaper outlets, the Forest Park Review and Proviso Herald, have completely ignored a major scandal that has been developing for months at the Regional Superintendent's office headed by Charles A. Flowers. The only local source for news on this major story has been the West Suburban Journal. Flowers, who has abused the public's trust and misspent thousands of taxpayer monies, has been the subject of weekly and daily news coverage in major media outlets such as the Daily Southtown, Daily Herald, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune and television stations Channels 5, 7, 9, 32 and CLTV. However, the Forest Park Review and Proviso Herald have completely ignored this story. Insider sources say the owners and editors of those two people are nothing more than political hacks aligned with Flowers, and they have as much egg on their faces as Flowers and his backers do. Why do you think these two local rags have failed to cover this major news scandal at the Regional Superintendent's office?


don't trust the herald and forest park review said...

Let's see,the Charlie Flowers corruption tales have been going on for over two months now,all the majoe media is writing about it in Chicago and the rest of the state, as well as the national media(USA TODAY and Huffington post) and yet the famous Proviso Herald and Forest Park review, as well as the Proviso Probe, can't find one word to write about a local figure who has been constantly in both papers in the past. I recall the Forest Park Review and the Proviso Herald having endorsed Charles Flowers for district 89 and 209 and having fully backed him for the position of Regional Superintendent.
Now that it seems that there savior has been found corrupt they seem to want to pretend that the issue does,nt exist.
Maybe we should decide to boycott both slimey newspapers and help them go out of bussiness.
Shame on both papers and there editors and owners.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is lack of coverage. The Forest Park RagReview has egg on their face. The idiots over on Joak Park Avenue endorsed the piece of crap Flowers and what are they to say now.

Oh they will find a way to spin the issue as that is what they do best. And even the piece of shit Bill Dwyer (investigative reporter wannabe)has his head buried so far up Joak Park asses he can't find his way out.

What a sorry state of affairs for good journalism these days. They have turned what once was a good paper into a failed one, but as long as they receive an award at the end of each year from their peers what the heck- they get their picture and a nice trophy and they really think it's all about good journalism.

Wonder what would happen if the judges all lived in the area, would the outcome be the same?

Classic Joak Park mentality.