Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Maywood Police Department Gets New Police Chief...

According to the Proviso Herald and reporter Jolie Lee, Maywood has a new police chief. According to the Herald, Cmdr. Tim Curry takes over for Police Chief Elvia Williams on Friday.

Williams was hired in June 2006 on a two-year contract.

Curry is a 24-year veteran of the department. Since Jan. 2009, he has been promoted three times.

"I kind of thought that most likely I would get deputy chief and that would be it," Curry said.
"But I had no idea whatsoever I would get the spot (of police chief.)"

Village Manager Jason Ervin made the appointment and said Williams is leaving the department to "pursue some other opportunities."

Williams could not be reached immediately for comment Monday morning.

Ervin said he chose Curry based on the recommendations of others, although he declined to say who made those recommendations.

"The process came through a group of individuals that I was working with on public safety issues," Ervin said.

When asked who the individuals were, Ervin said, "That I'm not disclosing at this time." Asked why he was not disclosing the information, he said, "I'm just not disclosing it."

Ervin said he wanted to appoint someone with leadership qualities and knowledge of "the inner workings of the department." Ervin added, "People respect him."

Curry began his career in 1985 as a patrol officer. He became sergeant of the tactical unit in 1996. In January 2009, he was promoted to commander and then to lieutenant two months later.

Curry will be officially sworn in as chief at the July 7 Village Board meeting.


Anonymous said...

Chief Williams never had a chance in Maywood. That's very unfortunate because she brought with her good experience and intelligence. The corruption in Maywood administration and the police department continues unchecked, and will probably continue for many years to come. And I hope Chief Williams does not back down on her EEOC suit against Jason Ervin. And I can only hope she wins. The fact that it was reported by West Suburban Journal that she has been urged to call off that lawsuit goes to show you the kind of intimidation Maywood residents are subject to from the administration and the police. Let us hope that this warning does not end with another murder of someone who got on the wrong side of Ervin, Yarbrough, and the rest of their cronies.

Anonymous said...

Chief Williams, Jason Ervin and Mayor Yarbrough are all crooks! They should all be kicked out.

scorn lover said...

I know who has the car Flowers bought with the regional suerintendent's office money............................................... his close friend
Rue Paul is driving that mercedes around and is really low down!!

Chales and Rue were seen driving that mercedes around San Francisco at a convention he attended,along with Therese Kelly and Della Patterson.
P.S. also it is rumored that Rue Paul is on the payroll at the superintendent's office!