Tuesday, June 16, 2009

County Board Wants Probe Of Charles Flowers Too!!!

According to published reports, the Cook County Board today expressed “no confidence” in the county's suburban school administrator and called for criminal investigations following a highly critical audit that alleged misuse of public funds.

The state auditor general has already forwarded to prosectors the audit of the relatively small office run by Regional Cook County Schools Superintendent Charles Flowers. The state audit found the debt in Flowers' office had soared to nearly $1 million as he made personal charges on his office credit card and a $6,000 cash advance to a relative who worked for him.

Flowers, who was elected in 2006, could not immediately be reached for comment.

A county resolution, approved unanimously, called on the state attorney general and county state’s attorney to launch criminal probes and for the state’s attorney to recover $190,000 in county funds that the board loaned to the superintendent's office last year.
“We took this man on his word, and unfortunately, we were sidetracked and buffaloed,” said Commissioner John Daley (D-Chicago), chairman of the county Finance Committee. The loan is due on June 30.

The resolution was introduced by Commissioner Elizabeth Gorman (R-Orland Park), who was the only commissioner to vote against the loan last year. She said the audit released last week by state Auditor General William Holland indicated “flagrant corruption” in the office.

The audit noted the office deficit more than doubled to $942,000 from 2007 to last year and questioned whether the office had the “ability to continue as a going concern.” The office did not have receipts to back 70 percent of the charges on Flowers’ credit card and paid more than $21,000 to two assistant regional superintendents for consulting work they did during regular working hours,, the audit stated.


Anonymous said...

He is a lying, seething snake. He had no intentions on repaying back the loan. Is this where my tax dollars go? I saw all the news today starting at 4:30 p.m. Hats off to Liz Gorman who was the only one to see straight through this bull. I feel bad for the employees, because they do not know if the office is going to be closed down or what. This is so pitiful. Is this where it stops? Where does he see he has done nothing wrong? When does it end?

Anonymous said...

I think it is hilarious that his OTHER sister was seen stuttering on the camera talking about he was in an outside meeting. I bet he was there in his office doing absolutely nothing as usual.

Anonymous said...

Dear karen yarbrough... time to pull out your checkbook. The man,
being charles flowers, that you
helped put in office.. well, there
is this matter of this $190,000.
note coming due on June 30th...
You dear one, are the one who
put him there. Therefore, you
are responsible.
Pay up... not taking responsibility
for this $190,000 is as good as
telling the taxpayer that you
are irresponsible, corrupt, weak
and spineless.
In the Corporate people like you
can not distance yourself from
what your subordiates do... no
management looks at the employee
that was corrupt, as well as their
The taxpayers pocketbooks are
pretty much picked clean thanks
to people like you and charles.
You cant get the funds from
us anymore... so pony up the
funds, karen.