Friday, June 19, 2009

The Chicago Tribune Is Buffaloed By Charles Flowers!!!

The Chicago Tribune said in a recent editorial that they are buffaloed by Regional Superintendent Charles Flowers. Read it for yourself:

If there's anything worse than a do-nothing local government bureaucracy, it's a do-nothing local government bureaucracy that runs up a $1 million deficit. The Cook County Regional Education Office is all of that and more.

A state audit released last week found so many accounting "irregularities" in the office that Auditor General William Holland passed the report to Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan and Cook County State's Atty. Anita Alvarez for their scrutiny.And now the Cook County Board is pleading for Madigan and Alvarez to intervene. Turns out the County Board loaned the office $190,000 last year.

The jaw-dropping findings include:

* Regional Supt. Charles Flowers, a Democrat on whose watch the deficit ballooned, charged thousands of dollars worth of personal expenses -- including plane tickets to Mississippi for family members -- to his government credit card. He also withdrew more than $6,000 in cash advances for which he couldn't properly account.

* Flowers didn't have receipts to support 70 percent of the purchases made on his card.

* At least 46 times, Flowers charged personal and staff meals on his card without properly documenting the expenses. The meals totaled $3,198, including $736 for a staff luncheon.

* The office paid $1,798 in late fees, finance charges and other service charges, mostly on Flowers' credit card.

* Flowers approved $15,000 worth of cash advances to two employees, including $6,000 to his administrative assistant, who happens to be his sister.

* State grant money was used to pay consulting fees of $12,000 and $9,400 to two assistant superintendents who did the "extra" work during their regular hours.

* Flowers' nephew worked eight hours a day and was paid for nine.

* The office didn't record payroll transactions or reconcile its books regularly, spent state money on ineligible items and had inadequate controls on accounting procedures, property and equipment.

* Despite warnings in previous audits that it had to cut expenses or find new funding sources to stay afloat, the office bought 20 computers ($21,000) and a new phone system ($9,300) to replace the one it bought three years earlier. Payroll expenses grew by $146,000.

That $190,000 loan from Cook County-- The loan is due June 30. The office has no way to pay. "We took this man on his word, and unfortunately, we were sidetracked and buffaloed," Commissioner John Daley said Tuesday.

Oh, priceless.

* * *

Here's the most infuriating thing: This office should be dead, gone, kaput. Out of business. And for one brief moment, it was.

In 1991, when the office was blowing money under another regime, then-Cook County Board President Richard Phelan pushed the legislature to kill it. The office exists to process teacher certifications, train school-bus drivers and do other things that could easily be handled by others.

The legislature did vote to kill it. We know. Amazing. That never happens.

We almost killed a useless Democratic patronage haven, until Republicans sniffed out an opportunity to create a useless Republican patronage haven.

They revived it in the legislature and made it a suburban-only office, thinking they could elect one of their own to run it if Chicago voters were cut out of the mix.

The office actually did die for 13 months. Nobody missed it. But it rose from the ashes in 1995 and went on its merry way.

The hapless Cook County Republicans, they couldn't even hold an office that exists only in the suburbs. Democrat Flowers unseated Republican Robert Ingraffia in the 2006 election.

Flowers didn't return our calls asking for an explanation of the state audit's findings. He told the auditor the big problem is that Cook County doesn't give him funding.

The state pays more than $400,000 in salaries and benefits for Flowers and his deputies. And now it's worse than useless. It's embroiled in a spending scandal.

Yes, taxpayers, you were buffaloed. Again.


Anonymous said...

I am in a perpetual state of disbelief when it comes to anything that goes on in Proviso Township, Maywood, the City of Chicago, or with Karen Yarbrough. Just when I think I've seen the dumbest, most ignorant thing, something else happens that takes the proverbial cake.

Just what does it take to put a criminal in jail these days? Is being "connected" politically the way to have the County, the State, and the Feds look the other way while you continue on your spree of fraud, theft, incompetence, lying, cheating and God-knows-what-else? I guess Flowers proves that is the way the world works today, and that is where my tax dollar go - to fund some no-good politicians and their little sycophants that they get jobs for who rip everyone off.

Karen Yarbrough needs to be unseated from Illinois government. I can only hope someone who is unafraid of the Maywood Murder Machine will run against her and pull out all the stops and expose her and her cronies for the __________ they really are. (You can fill in the blanks for "what they are" yourself.)

Anonymous said...

What the HELL is going on with the Forest Park Review and the Proviso Herald ? Why are they not reporting the news ob Maywood's own,ex Board member at 209 and 89, and current regional superintendent of schools Charles Flowers? Why are'nt they jumping on the story of corruption and patronage and dysfunction at Flowers office? The news media is all over it(The Tribune,Daily Southtown,Sun times,daily Herald,WLS,NBS and CBS and CLTV), except for the local media and tony peraica and karen yarbrough.
Maybe there afraid of Flowers or maybe there afraid of peraica and yarbrough?
Why have they all of a sudden stoped reporting the news??
They were all over Scavo, but yet they can't find a thing to write about Flowers???
Also, shame on Tony (the unreformer) Peraica, for not being the lead at the county level in investigating the corruption at the regional superintendnet's office.Peraica should have been leading the assault on the corruption and abuse of the tax dollars in his own district by the democrat Charles Flowers, but he has remained silent.Could it be that Flowers, his protege knows something that would jepordize him???

Anonymous said...

Charles Flowers said to Paul Meike of Channel 7 news that he "would not resign because he had not done anything wrong and that he had much more work to do at his office".
Those comments by Charlie Flowers proves what a sociopath he truely is. Just like a criminal, who states they were framed and are innocent, Flowers amazes us all with his denial of having done "nothing wrong". What twisted mind could think that way? Charlie Flowers is delusional and if I was the State's Attorney investigating him I would request a drug test to see if he was doing drugs, because nobody could this delusional.
Also, why does Flowers refuse to talk to the media???Because he is a COWARD and a THIEF!

Anonymous said...

First, Anthony NoReformer Peraica supported Charles Flowers when he ran for office, this was his candidate of choice, now he has egg on his bald head and it is frying. Anthony NoReformer has been attempting to get his side kick Mike NoHair Manzo to do damage control but each time NoReformer grabs NoHairs wig it comes off, in another words he cannot get a grip on his long failed attempt to defraud the people of Cook County.

Do not kid yourself NoReformer is nothing but the devil in disguise.

This has been the most disgusting time in Proviso has there has been good people elected to government for some time now and each election cycle NoReformer and his cronies make up the most crazy off-the-wall nonsence that people start believing his bullshit.

Catch on people NoReformer is bad, plain-and-simple.

Anonymous said...

Josh Adams, Dan Haley, Bill Dwyer and all the other ass-wipes at the Forest Park RagReview are not concerned about Charles Flowers. The only reason they were all over Vito Scavo was a feeble attempt to tie him to Mayor Calderone. Their despicable attempt was dirty rotten journalism, NO FACTS, JUST MUD SLINGING. They are more interested in getting an award each year than they are trying to educated/inform the public.

The buffoons at the RagReview have been trying so hard to ruin the mayors reputation because of the nice job he has done in rejuvenating Forest Park and their failed home town of Joke Park has been long looking at the success's of Forest Park that they can not stand it.

Hey Josh, Dan, Bill and all the other Bozo's, get over it and start doing some professional journalism work, your lackeys judging the headlines each year have not been subjected to the terrible job at full depth news coverage that you should be doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick Fitzgerald: Do we the
taxpayers in Proviso and Maywood
have to go on a letter writting
campaign and send hundreds of
letters to your office on a weekly
basis to get your attention??
You think the Blogo situation is
bad? Pay attention to what is going on in Proviso and Maywood...
The politicians are thumbing their
noses at YOU and YOUR OFFICE, on
our tax dollars.. While we understand you are busy, dear
Patick, is that while you are
on overload, sooo are weee!
Just what else has to go on in
Proviso/Maywood to get your
Some of us have actually called
your office to talk to your
agents only to be told to
forget the "hollywood stuff"..
Actually its not "hollywood
stuff", its actually business as
usual in Proviso/Maywood and
poeple get killed here by the
Maywood Murder Machine in order
to silence amd intimidate the
You waste your time on Melrose
Park?? The real crime is here
in Maywood.. as a taxpayer, I csn
only hope that the reason you stay away
from Maywood is not fear of being
called a "racial profiler" .. If so, hindsight will only prove
what a horrific error in judgement
you made..
No. clearly the politicians of
Proviso feel you are in their
pockets, or not brillant enough
to catch them as they pilfer
the taxpayers pcoket books and
laugh in glee like squealing

Dear fellow taxpayers, how does
it feel knowing these politician
PIGS feel they are not accountable
to the very people who fund
their paychecks, health care
and retirement... How many hours
a week do you go to work to pay
these buffoons salaries before
the funds go into your own
checking account/pocket? How many
months a year do you work to
support their corrupt way of life
before any of the money you work
to earn, goes back into paying
your own expenses ?
When, fellow citizens, is enough
just plain enough?
Let us get ms karen and charles
indicted and send a message
to the rest of them? Just how
far are any of us willing to step
outside our comfort zones to
secure our childrens futures?

Anonymous said...

What IS it with Anthony Peraica a& his support of Charles Flowers????????????????. A charlatan "reformer" who wants to clean up corruption?????????????????. But go lightly on his ally??????????????????????. Those Peraica idiots would sing "Tzena, Tzena, Tzena" at some ultra-conservative get together, Being the cowards they obviously are, With their hammers & sickels.