Friday, January 30, 2009

Welch Wins 209 Election Lottery!!!

The ballot is set in the Proviso High School District 209 race. A ballot lottery was recently conducted, and Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch won the big prize...Top ballot position. The ballot will look this way:

1. Emanuel "Chris" Welch
2. Reatha "Sue" Henry
3. Daniel J. Adams
4. Brian M. Cross
5. Maria Desena
6. Kevin McDermott
7. Rebecca M. Smith
8. Carlos Anderson
9. Arbdella "Della" Patterson


Anonymous said...

Who won the election lottery in the Mayoral races? In district 89? Is the ballot set for those races as well?

Anonymous said...

M.A.P - The Melrose Alliance Party won the election lottery in Melrose Park. I am a 68 year old Italian senior citizen and I predict that the Melrose Alliance Party will "win big"!Go Monti!!

Serpico is trying to pander too much to the hispanics look at ticket. Half the slate is mexican. Ron forgot about the Italians and is trying to fool the spanish people.

Here is the winning slate for Melrose Park:

Jesus "Jesse" Martinez - Mayor
Cathy Apuzzo-Partipilo - Clerk
Mary Ann Margiotta - Trustee
Pat Allegrini - Trustee
Roberto "Bobby" Sepulveda - Trustee
Carrie Burdi - Trustee
Rene Herrera - Trustee
Emil "Monti" Fioramonti - Trustee