Tuesday, January 20, 2009

(Updated) Elections Filings End for Local Offices...

Election Filings ended on Monday, January 26, 2009 for local offices across the state including in Proviso Township. Here is a list of some of the filings:

Proviso High School District 209 (4 seats open)
1. Emanuel "Chris" Welch
2. Daniel J. Adams
3. Reatha "Sue" Henry
4. Brian M. Cross
5. Maria Desena
6. Kevin McDermott
7. Rebecca Smith
8. Carlos Anderson
9. Arbdella "Della" Patterson

Maywood, Melrose Park, Broadview School District 89 (3 seats open)
1. Regina Rivers
2. Jaime Anguiano
3. Veronica Bonilla-Lopez
4. Loretta Gustello
5. Gwendolyn Streeter-Walker
6. Angela Lockett
7. Eliazer Chavez
8. Corey Cooper
9. Antonio Favela

Bellwood School District 88 (4 seats open)
1. Dorothy Smith
2. Drena Lanier
3. Maria Castrejon
4. Marilyn Thurman
5. Avery Malik Thurman
6. Ronald C. Anderson
7. Patricia Crawford
8. Beverly Graham
9. Lekeya Shearill
10. Althea Busby

Early predictions: In Proviso 209, the incumbents will win big as they are backed by Township mayors and other elected officials. The slate led by Della Patterson is backed by Rep. Yarbrough, Mike Manzo and Tony Peraica. In SD 89, the Maywoodians will probably split the vote amongst each other and the Melrose Park candidates will all win. In SD88, the slate backed by Maywoodian Charles "Chuck" Baxter and former Bellwood Mayoral candiate David Ireland will lose big. Anderson and his group just needs to stay focused on education.

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Who are the Melrose Park Candidates?