Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reverend Demetrius Davis Announces Run For Mayor Of Maywood...

Reverend Demetrius Davis of the Proviso Community Church announced in a post on this site that he is running for Mayor of Maywood. Here is the post:

This is horrible! Another example of poor leadership. Even when we finally get a grocery store, it'll take us 5 or more years to recoup the half million we just lost. The very reason I'm running for Mayor of Maywood is to root out this sort of incompetence, neglegence, and reckless spending. This 490K is perhaps more than the village spent all year on recreation. With this type of money we could've hired 10 more men and women to work within the village. We could've hired more police officers to patrol the streets. We could've even given dozens of summer internships to our college students returning home for summer.

My campaign led a protest and press conference on the old site of the grocery store several weeks ago. It's time for us all to stand up to demand a better community.

Pastor Demetrius L. Davis
"Maywood's Next Mayor"

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