Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Township Race is Mayors versus Yarbrough, Manzo and Peraica...

For Proviso Township, it appears as if there is a race between allies for the Township Mayors and allies for State Rep. Karen Yarbrough. Here's how the township race looks:

Slate backed by Mayors:
Supervisor Michael Corrigan
Clerk Readith Esther
Assessor Steven J. Zawaski
Collector Eric R. Sawchuk
Trustee Mari Herrell
Trustee Anthony "Tony" Williams
Trustee Tim Gillian
Trustee Don Sloan

Slate backed by Karen Yarbrough, Mike Manzo and Tony Peraica:Supervisor Theresa Kelly
Clerk William Daugherty
Assessor C. Michael Montino
Collector Ivan Williams
Trustee Lennel Grace
Trustee Patrick Doolin
Trustee Colin Brady
Trustee Michael Sheahan

Early prediction: Slate backed by Mayors will win big. Yarbrough will have egg on her face!


Anonymous said...

Correction Karen Yarbrough is backing the Mayors slate.she is backing a republican. If you don't believe it ask her.

Anonymous said...

Karen Yarbrough is a republican. One day the real truth will be known about her and then she too will be impeached.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we all be excited that some new people are running against the corruption that has put money in certain pockets and taken it out of our schools and communities? Let's give these people a chance before we accept that the "Serpico Regime" will win yet again

Anonymous said...

What happened to Kathy Ryan?
Why is,nt she running? What happened,did she think everyone she deoubled crossed would support her again? Did she think that because she drinks all day,that she could use that as an excuse for 8 years of doing nothing other than collect a paycheck and health insurance.

Anonymous said...

Why is Manzo,Peraica,Flowers and Yarbrough working together?
Why is Martinez running in Melrose Park? I thought he was from Stone Park?