Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Stone Park Appoints New Trustee...

Stone Park Mayor Beniamino Mazzulla appointed Laura Cassidy-Jaquez, 36, to the position Jan. 8 with the full consent of the board. She replaces former trustee Jesse Martinez, who resigned from the position in September.

"She brings a lot of diversity to the board," Mazzulla said. "She's bilingual and that's a plus."

He said she has also volunteered for different village events. "She's been involved in all aspects of the village," he said.

Cassidy-Jaquez joined the village's Special Events committee in 2001 and in 2003 she chaired the village's Planning and Zoning Board, helping to write the village's new zoning ordinance. In 2004 she was appointed to village's Fire and Police Commission.

"She's worn every hat there is," said Stone Park Trustee Loretta Teets. "She has shown her commitment to Stone Park."

"She's a very hard worker and it's nice to have another female on the board," she said. "It was a 'win-win' all the way around. She was the obvious choice to step up to the plate because of what she has done."

She has been a resident of Stone Park since 1983, works for a telecommunications company and has two teenage children.

Cassidy-Jaquez said her new position as a Village Board member is just a minor change from what she'd done before.

"It's just a step up from what I'm used to," she said. "It's nice to see the other side of the podium."

She said as a trustee she'd like to work to bring more businesses to the village. "I'd like to see more businesses and different businesses develop along Mannheim Road," she said.

Cassidy-Jaquez, whose term expires in April 2009, has already said she plans to run for election.

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Anonymous said...

On another subject, it was interesting to see Karen Yarbrough and Jesse Martinez together at the PLCCA Gala. Yarbrough is backing Martinez against Serpice, but tells Serpico she is backing him against Martinez.