Thursday, March 13, 2008

Residency Investigations Working At Proviso High Schools!!!

The Insider has learned that Proviso High School District 209 dropped 235 students in the past year after a hired outside investigations firm provided information that those students did not live in the district.

Because of that success, District 209 officials are finalizing contract negotiations to continue working with National Investigations Inc.

National Investigations identified the 235 non-resident students between March 2007 and Feb. 29, 2008.

Proviso West had 144 students dropped, while 85 were dropped at Proviso East, and six were dropped from Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy. Among its three schools, District 209's enrollment is approximately 5,000 students.

The dropping of non-resident students can save the district thousands of dollars in per pupil expenses. District officials can also seek repayment of tuition from all of those students who violated residency requirements.


Anonymous said...

Ask one of the administrators why we can't drop special education students who don't live in the district and/or not attending. You want to save money? Cutting those names on attendance slips will do the trick!

Anonymous said...

How do you expect the scores to raise in Proviso Township, when convicted felons and their children are moving in from the prison system and the projects? Yarbrough said he is gladly expecting another 1600 prisoners to infiltrate Maywood.

My Two Cents said...

Gee, i wonder how much the "Investigation" into the residency of these students cost the district?

Alos, what happens with these students? Doesn't the district have some responsibilty to make sure they find alternative education for them, at least until the school year ends??

Proviso Insider said...

my two cents you offer nothing of value. Students who lie about where they live to attend school are breaking the law. The school district has no obligation to them. In fact, the law requires those students to reimburse the district a per student tuition. The alternative for those students is to go enroll in the public school in the community they actually live.

Anonymous said...

Some school districts like Oak Park and Leyden have been doing residency checks for years. It's about time Proviso got on the bandwagon. I taught at West years ago and I knew of several students in my classes who lived in Chicago. When I reported them, nothing happened. Now I'm glad to hear things have changed. Taxpayers of Proviso...why should your taxes pay to educate kids who live in Chicago and use their "auntie's" address?