Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Is WalMart and Home Depot Headed To Bellwood???

Sources have told the Insider that Bellwood officials are claiming they are close to a deal that will bring WalMart and Home Depot to a site that has been cleared at 25th and Madison in Bellwood. Sources say the stores should be up and running within 2 years and would likely generate $4 million dollars a year in sales tax revenue. WalMart officials confirm there has been talks, but deny there is a deal. Home Depot officials deny that they have even had talks.

Will this deal happen? How will this impact the WalMart in Forest Park or the Home Depot in Broadview? Is this pre-election year rhetoric?


Anonymous said...

Don't see it happening, but if Pasquale can pull it off there could be some significant stores at that location. How about a Lowe's? How about a Meijer store?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Pasquale is pulling a Maywood-Ralph Conner's move. That is, Lie to the people before the election. And those stupid uncle Tommies in Bellwood believe what he has to lie about.

Anonymous said...

As I recall the reporting of the time; Ralph Conner attempted to solicit proposals for land that Maywood didn't own. By owning the land Bellwood has the upper hand and the capacity to move the project forward. Frank "The Prince" Pasquale got Bellwood's Village board to approve the purchase/acquisition of the sites proposed for this development. If the purchase was made with the intent to develop the property he and the board are living up to their convictions and there is no lie about it. Nobody is a Tom for going along with something that truly will improve Bellwood.

Anonymous said...

why not build something other then a walmart or homepot. THink about the youth and build a arcade or skating rink the closet are is in lombard and or summit. i'm sure it will help bring in money also. i have to go al the way to richton park. THINK ABOUT

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bellwood announces its project for 25th and the Ike. Hillside starts its development at Mannheim and the Ike.

Where does that leave Maywood? The newly revised but still proposed Comprehensive Plan call for a retail development at 1st and the Ike called the "Town Center".

With what is happening just a couple of miles further west, what chance to Maywood have of implementing their plan?