Monday, August 10, 2009

Proviso Bus Service Resumes August 20th...

The start of the new school year is almost here! And PTHS 209 will continue to offer transportation to students at Proviso East and Proviso West High Schools.

The bus program begins at Proviso East and Proviso West on August 20th, (the first day of Freshmen Orientation). For ALL students transportation will begin August 24th (the first day of school).

PTHS 209 parents will receive their students’ designated bus stops during textbook pick up (Monday, Aug 10-Friday, August 15th).

All students are asked to arrive at their designated bus stop locations at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled pick-up time in the morning. At the end of the school day (after dismissal) the bus will leave at 3:25 p.m. There are also after school activity buses which leave at various times.

If you have any questions about PTHS 209 transportation program, bus stops, or locations please contact Proviso East’s Transportation Hotline at 708.202.1825 or Proviso West’s Transportation Hotline at 708.202.6299.

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