Friday, August 28, 2009

Life Without Limits

West Suburban Journal Publisher L. Nicole Trotte wrote an editorial this week called Life Without Limits. Take a read:

Did you know that you were placed on this earth for a purpose? Each and every person is
created in a unique image with a measure of faith to achieve their purpose.

So often we limit ourselves or allow others to put limits on us that keep us from fulfilling
our destiny. I call that leveling. Many times we don’t even realize when it happens to us.

I played the clarinet during my elementary and high school years. I was, in the beginning,
a second-string woodwind. My friend, a first-string woodwind, and I would rehearse
together after school. She would delight in giving me tips to improve my technique. I
applied those pointers in post rehearsal practice for hours and hours. Eventually I would
come to master the lessons.

My hard work and perseverance paid off. I was promoted by the maestro to first-string
woods replacing my friend. Suddenly her enthusiasm to rehearse after school waned.
And she grew distant as did our friendship.

That was my first experience with Leveling: Succeeding beyond a person’s expectations
of what they think you should strive for and achieve. I can remember initially feeling sad
about our friendships demise. However, I grew to realize that that relationship was
conditional and not a true friendship at all.

If we hold tightly to things that limit us, due to fear, intimidation, familiarity or dependency,
they will keep us from the incredible gifts awaiting us.

If you want to go beyond where you are today, don’t be afraid to break loose the chains and
live life without limits. Living without limits has great rewards, keep your eye on the prize.

What does this mean to you? Have you had a leveling experience? For more L. Nicole Trottie articles visit

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