Friday, July 03, 2009

State Budget Stalemate Causing Problems in Proviso!!!

The State Budget crisis in Springfield has already caused some major problems in Proviso Township. The Proviso Insider has learned that the Proviso Leyden Council for Community Action, Inc. (PLCCA), a non for profit organization that serves low income families in the Proviso area, recently laid off at least 20 employees due to funding sources drying up. Specifically, the Teen Reach program, a very successful program run out of Proviso High Schools, was forced to shut down because funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services was recently cut. If State officials don't get their acts together, further social service organizations will suffer.


Bellwood Insider said...

this budget cut not only laid off employees it cancelled 3 summer programs only in their 2nd week of operation. 150 students grades 3rd - 12th now have nothing to do for the summer.

Anonymous said...

Did no one know that this was about to happen? Why aren't our local government officials stepping in? When things are going wrong on a state level, our elected officials need to step it up on a local level. This is terrible