Friday, July 03, 2009

Proviso School Board President Being Courted for U.S. Congress

With 7th District U.S. Congressman Danny K. Davis exploring a run for Cook County Board President, party leaders are looking for a possible placement of Davis in Congress. One name being bantered about is Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch. Other names being strongly considered are State Representative Karen A. Yarbrough and Broadview Mayor Sherman A. Jones. Party officials like Welch because he's young, and his future is bright in the Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the Democratic party will want to go with a young person for congress. It takes years for a new congressman to gain seniority and be able to be effective.Bringing an older person to congress, such as Yarbrough(she's in her late 50's or early 60's)will make her ineffective.Also a congressman should have some personal wealth, because it's very expensive to live in DC with only your congressional pay.
That being said, the two individuals who should be seriously considered should be Lashawn Ford or Chris Welch.

Anonymous said...

Idle chatter throughout the 7th district has Chris Welch,Sate Rep. Ford and Triton Board member Hoskins?(I think that's him name) as the three individuals Rahm Emanuel and Obama would like to see suceed Davis.
Sources say that Davis,if he truely resigns his seat,is trying to push his chief of staff.
My take is that who ever has the most money and can get the 7th district dem's to support him will win.

Bellwood Insider said...

Hoskins is a Commissioner in Forest Park not Triton Board. If Yarbrough runs who will replace her as State Rep? Mayor Sherman A. Jones just stepped into politics 2 years ago as Trustee of Broadview and records show as Trustee he missed many board meetings. I think he has to show himself as a hardworker in Broadview (which needs new energy) before he can run for a congressman or state rep. 2010 elections are going to be interesting....

Anonymous said...

Why does the candidate have to be black? I think we should run a young Italian trustee from Melrose Park. His name is Anthony Abruzzo!!! He is the FUTURE!

Hoskins has no chance and Welch has already been demolished by Yarbrough in the State race. Lashawn Ford would be the only choice in that group.

And if Yarbrough were to run then who would run for her position?

Bellwood Insider said...

Anthony Abruzzo was just elected for the first time in Melrose Park a few months ago. He is a great guy, but he is only 25. You have not even seen his work ethic and you are ready to see him run for a state position?

If he is the future let's see what he is going to do atleast within the first 2yrs in his current office before we launch him to Springfield.

I do agree race should not be an issue, but where is a viable candidate with an actual track record we can refer to?

Bringinthefeds! said...

karen yarbrough.. chris welch.
This is the best that can be done?
It would appear that mr charles
flowers will be looking for a new
job. Lets just raise the bar a
bit and send him to Congress instead of yarbrough or welch.

Anonymous said...

I hear the plan is Davis moves to Cook County Board Prez, Yarbrough moves to U.S. congress to replace Davis, Hoskins moves to State Rep. to replace Yarbrough. In the end, still nothing gets done, we still have do nothing know nothings representing us and ain't it all grand! All that changes are the names on the taxpayer funded mailings and the amount on these three's eventual pension checks. This is Proviso after all isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I think state Senator Kimberly Lightford is the favorite to run for congress and win.

Anonymous said...

Abruzzo??? Is this a joke. Maybe we should run Serpico for Congress.

If anyone reads blogs on Melrose Park then try Melrose Park topix and find out the great job that Abruzzo is doing in Melrose Park.

I say we give Yarbrough a shot since she has earned it. It is her turn and yes the candidate should be African American. We cannot afford to lose another one of our representatives. We are already going to lose the Senate seat to Alexi or Chris Kennedy. Vote for Yarbrough. Vote for Davis.

Anonymous said...

What about Charles Flowers, our esteemed Cook County regional school superintendent?
If you think he's not qualified what makes people think Karen Yarbrough is qualified????
Did'nt she tell us all to vote for Flowers? Did'nt she try with Flowers to take control of the high school,209 and district 89 ?
Yarbrough's as corrupt as Flowers, but probably more corrupt. She controls Maywood, now tell me what's improved in Murderwood under her regime????

RHAMatt said...

Rep. Yarbrough is a bright, energetic principled leader. Our community would be well served and Congress would be lucky to have her.