Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SD209 Board Member Theresa Kelly Goes On Junket And Recommends Company For Hire!!!

Proviso SD209 Board Member Theresa L. Kelly was recently flown on an all expenses paid junket to Arizona by ENI School Consultants. Since returning from the trip, Kelly has been an advocate for hiring the company as a consultant in Proviso. At the December 15, 2008 board meeting, ENI consultants were on the agenda for hire for over $500,000. Kelly voted in favor of hiring the company, but the motion failed. Kelly is the same SD209 Board member who has used tax payer money to fly to over 30 different cities across the country. To date, taxpayers have spent over $30,000 for Kelly to fly across the country.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Isn't that what the feds are trying to convict the governor on Pay to play?

Anonymous said...

wow, there goes Theresa once again!
Does'nt Theresa realize what an expense this would be for a finacially stripped district?
What does Theresa think,does she think she's Charlie Flowers?
I also heard Theresa is getting petitions to run for Proviso Township Supervisor postion this spring. I can't wait for that one!