Friday, December 05, 2008

Congratulations Memorial Park Spartans!!! Now, Let's Help Them...

The Memorial Park Spartans Pee Wee' are making history! They are a Division 2 football Team made up of 29 players ages 9, 10 and 11 with a lot of heart and 8 coaches with a lot of drive.

This team has persevered winning at the neighborhood level all this season. They advanced thru their Division and captured the Illinois State Conference Championship, Semi Finals Title, Sub Regional Title and now hold title of MidAmerican Regional Champions after competing with teams from Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

The Spartans have never achieved this before! These children have earned a chance of a lifetime persevering from Neighborhood to the Nationals!

At this point they are advancing to the National Championship Level which takes place in Orlando Florida, the week of December 7th thru the 13th 2008. They have just 80 minutes of Football (2 games) left before they will become the Pop Warner National Champions!

BUT NOW, THEY NEED YOUR HELP. Without the ability to cover the cost of travel and lodging to this Championship, they could miss this once in a lifetime opportunity! Without money, they will not be able to attend the National Conference thus forfeiting their earned dream of a lifetime. Please help our Team travel.

Please help us send our team to Florida to compete. In the Spirit of helping others, please consider granting a gift for this Championship. Of course, we will appreciate any gift that you can make as our goal is $30,000.00. All donations are appreciated and if not given in person, make checks payable to: Wiley, Vaughan-Davis, Gardley c/o Memorial Park Spartans

Submit what you can to:

Hythaniel Marks
708-516-0125 cell
Pop Warner Little Scholars Inc.
23-1582287, Federal Group Tax Exemption # is 9183

T. Gardley
Po Box 765
Hillside, Illinois 60162

Thank you in advance on behalf the Mighty Spartans!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to the mayor of bellwood for stepping up and helping these kids out. I don't think they would have made it without his help.
Now, is there some reason why, memorial park couldn't do the same.If i'm not mistaken, isn't the football program allotted funds every year in there budget. help me out here,we pay about 850 dollars per resident to memorial park and they get funds from the state,something isn't right here. someone should look into that.

Anonymous said...

They won their first game on Tuesday and they are on there way to the championship on Friday. good luck spartans.

Anonymous said...

The Spartan PeeWee's won second place at the Pop Warners National Superbowl last year. These kids have given a lot of time and energy to something they love. The 2009 season is just underway come out and support the Spartans as they battle to hold their title and hopefully add a few more! Homecoming is Saturday, September 19, 2009 come out and show support for the youth of our community. It takes a village to raise a child, be a part of the village...see you on the field. Go Spartans!