Thursday, January 10, 2008

High School To Host Education Summit!!!

Superintendent Bob Libka of Proviso High School District 209 is hoping for a large turnout of area residents for an Education Summit scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Jan. 22 at the Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy, 8601 W. Roosevelt Road, Forest Park.

The Education Summit offers residents the opportunity to express concerns and ideas and ask questions about District 209. Libka will be in attendance along with other administrators from the district.

"A lot of people have expressed concerns about education in the township," Libka said. "This (Education Summit) gives people the opportunity to speak directly to (district administrators) about their concerns and ideas. I think people who are interested in the district would be remiss if they didn't attend."

For more information about the Education Summit, call the District 209 offices, (708) 338-5959.

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Anonymous said...

What good will a summit do if they administrators and board treat concerns the way they normally ignoring them! At somepoint Proviso needs to stop the revolving door the superintendents come and leave through and take a good hard look at what changes need to be made. Enough is enough. Put students first and adult egos and political aspirations last!