Monday, January 14, 2008

Charles Flowers Has Personal Assets Frozen!!!

The Daily Southtown recently reported that former Proviso SD209 board member and current Regional Superintendent of Schools Charles A. Flowers has had his personal assets frozen for failure to pay taxes. Flowers has always run campaigns holding himself out as a reformer. Yet, he doesn't pay his taxes. How is his office funded? Taxes. How are schools funded? Taxes. Should a person who does not pay his taxes be allowed to hold public office?


disgruntled liberal said...

What a disgrace Charles Flowers has become!
I can't believe he has the gall to crticize others and did not pay his taxes.His profesional record is a disgrace and his lack of ability is noteworthy.
Karen Yarbrough is responsible for his placement and his election,so are the voters of Cook County who voted for a Democrat without knowing his record or personal problems.
I will never vote for Yarbrough again, nor will I ever vote for any other canidate she supports, because I don't ever want to elect another Charles Flowers type again!
PS. can we remove him from office for incomptence and not paying taxes?

Anonymous said...

Karen Yarbrough should be held accountable for running all of these bad people on Proviso Township. Look at Trustee Richard Lopez, he is going to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what he did. He has disgraced the Maywood Community and so has Charles Flowers. Maywood voters need to be informed. Trash like this is not needed in the Proviso community. Flowers and Lopez should be impeached.

Anonymous said...

Assests Frozen are the least of his worries. Does he realize that the state board can revoke his Superintendent Certificate at any time because of this. He now has a civil suit pending against him that he will need to deal with and that deals with an individual that he fired and then had to hire 4 people just to take the place of that 1 person. Further the EEOC and Department of Labor (complaints were filed with both entities against Dr. Flowers) are investigating him for things that occurred since he took over the Regional Office of Education. This is a Public Official that is using his power just to mess with people.

Did any one hear about the plane trip that Flowers flunkies took? Well it looks like Dr. Roberts and Dr. Reynolds did not feel like driving to a meeting in Springfield so they flew! This is a nice use of money.

He also just recently fired the last person that had any knowledge on how to run the certification department. I hear now she is getting a job with the State Board in Chicago! So teachers BEWARE I would not trust any information that you get there!!!

I think we need to get the media involved to start investigating good ole' Dr. Flowers. Maybe then the proper actions will finally be taken against him.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear about the EEOC Investigation against Charles Flowers? Also the States Attorney's Office has questioned him about misuse of funds. I heard there is also a civil lawsuit against him too!

Will he ever learn?

I think he is going to have a rough 2008. Maybe he should try to not be racist!