Sunday, May 31, 2009

Proviso West Graduates 525

According to the Proviso Herald, a total of 525 graduates from the Proviso West High School class of 2009 marched in red and white robes at the UIC Pavilion Sunday.

"The kids were well behaved and the families were just jubilant," Principal Alexis Wallace said. "The ceremony was wonderful."

The ceremony lasted two hours and was punctuated by a stirring speech by senior class President Javin Cotton.

"It was so phenomenal. As you listened to him -- he wants to go into education, but it was like listening to a future president," Wallace said. "And the way the students received him. It was unreal."

Wallace said a diploma was awarded to a student who had died of leukemia during the school year.

"We also had a young lady who has sickle cell anemia who had to be helped across the stage," she said. "We wanted to put her in a wheelchair, but she wanted to march. She was so brave. And she did get to march, it was beautiful."

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