Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proviso Township Election Winners!!!

Proviso Township saw incumbents flex their muscle in last week's local elections. One major upset occurred in the Village of Broadview with the incumbents being ousted by a rising star in Proviso Township politics, Sherman Jones. Here's a break down of the election winners:

For Mayors:

Bellwood-Frank Pasquale
Berkeley-Tony Esposito
Broadview-Sherman Jones
Hillside-Joe Tamburino
Maywood-Henderson Yarbrough
Melrose Park-Ron Serpico
Northlake-Jeff Sherwin
Stone Park-Ben Mazzulla
Westchester-Sam Pullia
Forest Park-No Mayoral contest

For Contested School Boards:
Drena Lanier
Dorothy Smith
Maria Castrejon
Marilyn Thurman

Regina Rivers
Jaime Aquiano
Loretta Gustello

Ida O'Neal
Penny Williams Wolford
Andrew Riouse

Emanuel "Chris" Welch
Daniel J. Adams
Brian M. Cross
Kevin McDermott

For Proviso Township:
Michael Corrigan-Supervisor
William Daugherty-Clerk
Steven Zawaski-Assessor
Eric Sawchuck-Collector
Tony Williams-Trustee
Don Sloan-Trustee
Meri Herrell-Trustee
Tony Gillian-Trustee


the truth said...

My take on the numbers in the Township race showed that Don Sloan carried the entire ticket.
Sloan's numbers were very,very impressive. He delivered Westchester for himself,his entire ticket as well as helped the newly elected Mayor of Westchester win a complete sweep of his ticket.
If you take Sloan's numbers out of the equation,his township ticket would have barely won, and the new township supervisor would have lost.
Sloan's numbers also were impressive in the fact that he helped carry the winning 209 ticket in not only Westchester but as well as in Melrose Park.
The biggest losers were as always Manzo, Flowers,Peraica and Martinez.Those four spent a fortune and barely registered a blimp on the radar!
What these numbers show is that anyone tied to Manzo becomes a pariah politically and could never run again. Martinez's numbers were deplorable and his results and numbers are sufficient to say that he is a dead poltically.
Manzo's and Flowers tickets for 209 and the township were also disgraced with the expection of Daughtery and McDermott,which goes to show that voters like Irish surname candidates.
My two cents are that by reading the numbers one can only conclude that Don Sloan is a powerhouse and should be considered as the candidate to run against Peraica for County Commissioner.

Anonymous said...

Say goodnight Tony!!!!, You good-for-nothing opportunistic political coward!!!!. Good luck as a newfound schmuck civilian.