Friday, March 20, 2009

Proviso Herald Reports On Race For Lindop Board...

More community involvement and providing more resources for students are some of the issues candidates expressed in their bid for a seat on Lindop Elementary District 92 School Board.

Those running are incumbents Penny Williams Wolford, Tonya Powell and Andrew Rouse with Naema Nunnery and Ida O'Neal also vying for the three seats up for election.

Wolford, 41, has lived in Broadview 19 years and was appointed to the School Board two years ago.

"I feel like as a community member, parent and especially and advocate for students with disabilities I can be an asset to the School Board," she said.

Wolford has attended Illinois Association of School Boards and National Association of School Boards seminars and meetings and says she has gained a lot of knowledge.

"I gained some valuable knowledge to help our school thrive," she said.

She has two children who have graduated from Lindop and her son, who has autism, is receiving services through the school.

If elected, her goal is to be an advocate for students with disabilities and making Lindop Elementary School a household name.

"I want to use the policy to drive Lindop into a Blue Ribbon school and put Lindop on the map so that our children will be able to compete in this global society," she said.

Rouse, 37, has lived in Broadview 10 years and was the board about 18 months ago. He said he brings a different perspective to the board.

"I have a level head and I'm not biased," he said. "I'm the kind of person that points out the things we shouldn't do and when we need to keep focus."

If elected he wants to try to get funds so all the students have their own laptop computer.

"I want to help the students focus on math and science," he said.

He has two children who attend the school and wants to make sure that the various organizations in the village such as the library and park district work together with the school.

Powell, 38, has lived in Broadview for 15 years and is the longest serving member on the board. Her main goal, if re-elected is to make sure teachers stay with the school.

"I just want it to be more consistent and keeping administrators in tact and on board," he said. "It is about children and it's a new day and change is here. There have been drastic changes within the last couple of years with teacher turnover."

She has two children who attend Lindop and says she's passionate about helping the students succeed.

"I'm very dedicated and the children are my heart," she said. "If we don't educate them now they will be lost in the future."

Nunnery, 36, has been on Lindop's PTO Board for five years but wanted to effect more change. That's why she decided to run for a seat.

"I just wanted to get involved in the School Board and effect change and make a difference," she said. "I just want to make sure our children are given all the opportunities afforded to them. Make sure our school becomes the pillar of the community."

She has two children who attend the school and has lived in the village for six years. If elected she said she would make sure administrators are held accountable and the school is using its resources in the best way possible.

Nunnery doesn't take anything away from the achievements the current board has made.

"I do think they are doing a good job, but I'd like to effect a better change and I can only do that by being a part of the School Board," she said.

O'Neal is running as an independent, but did not respond to repeated attempts to contact her.

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