Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congressman Danny K. Davis, 7th District for Senate!!!

Congressman Danny K. Davis, from the 7th District, is garnering support for the US Senate seat that has been vacated by President-Elect Barack Obama. Most recently, State Representative Eddie Washington, 60th District representing Waukegan, North Chicago and Park City, and Lake County Residents announced their support and urged Governor Blagojavich to appoint Congressman Danny K. Davis to replace President-Elect Obama as U. S. Senator. A few weeks ago more than a dozen elected officials and hundreds of Illinois residents urged Gov. Blagojavich to appoint Cong. Davis.
Davis continues to build momentum around the State of Illinois. Here's to Congressman Davis and hoping he gets the nod! If Davis gets the nod for Senate, a number of people are rumored as possible successors to his Congressional seat. Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers, Jr. is a possiblity. State Representative Karen Yarbrough, and former Davis Chief of Staff Richard R. Boykin are also possibilities. If Rogers and/or Yarbrough get the nod for Congressman, it is rumored Proviso School Board President Emanuel "Chris" Welch could replace Rogers and/or Yarbrough. Stay tuned.

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