Monday, June 23, 2008

Did SD209 Board Member Theresa Kelly Go On A Junket???

At the most recent Proviso School Board meeting, a presentation was given to the Board of Education by a sales lady from ENI consulting company. The consulting company reportedly was selling career coaches, coaches who would help teachers do their jobs better. The sales lady was reportedly invited to speak to the Board by Proviso Board member Theresa Kelly just six months after the company allegedly paid for Theresa Kelly's airfare to Scottsdale, Arizona for a junket. Kelly attended the junket with one of the district's principals, an English teacher and a former employee of the district who now works for the Regional Superintendent.

Did the consulting company pay for Theresa Kelly's trip to Scottsdale, Arizona? Is Theresa Kelly now pushing the district to hire the company in exchange for the trip?


M Woe said...

Professional improvement isn't a bad thing in and of itself - but clearly there will have to be multiple bids in if this process will be considered by the school board.

intel said...

I heard Theresa Kelly has also recently gone a full paid junkets with Charlies Flowers,Della Patterson and Willie Mack and others from and paid by the regional superintendents office!

Charles Flowers had to go beg the County President for $400,000 more to pay for his overspent buget filled with cronies and ghostpayrollers!