Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cook County Fire Suit Costs Taxpayers One Hundred Million!!!

Victims of the fatal 2003 fire at the Cook County Administration Building have settled lawsuits for a combined $100 million, their attorneys announced Monday afternoon.

The final three defendants, including the City of Chicago, averted a trial by agreeing to settle for about $75 million. Last week, Cook County and six other defendants settled for about an additional $25 million.

Jury selection was to begin Monday in the courtroom of Cook County Circuit Judge William Maddux. But lawyers instead spent much of the day meeting with Maddux behind closed doors.



Anonymous said...

Such incompetence on behalf of the Chicago Fire Department.. They are not heros. They are loud mouthes, lazy, belligerant racists who don't do their jobs. Now we the tax payers have to pay major paper to those families who lost their families due to sheer stupidity. Why don't they discipline the fire department staff. I bet none of them lost their jobs, yet we have to pay for their mess.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm that's why James Joyce lost his job

Anonymous said...

Wade is nothing but a CROOK hiding under a police uniform If you are from Maywood you ARE Aware of this he should have went down with his so called long time BUDDIES he's just as guilty as they are he should be in prison with the rest but GOD don't like UGLY his day is coming soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Wade should be serving time and paying his dues to society if you are from Maywood you are aware of all DIRTY COPS!!! Wade will get his day soon God don't like ugly he should be serving time right along with his other so called buddies his day is coming soon!